Whatever happened to…

September went somewhere while I was supposed to be writing this for my website. I have a vague recollection of Labor Day and then October showed up on the calendar along with a few red and yellow leaves.

The summer didn’t go that swiftly, but it was productive and, shall I say, balanced. I spent it doing my most and least favorite things—writing poetry and going to workshops is bliss for me. Sending out submissions, reading guidelines and going to the Post Office with bulky packages enclosing MS, SASE and my life’s blood is agony.

My first rejection came within ten days. I was impressed!

Poetry buffs, try the Sow’s Ear in Winchester, Virginia. If their poetry is as good as their organization, it’s worth a check-out. One of the things I was going to do in September was subscribe, just because they are on the ball.

©2009, Janet Taliaferro