Praise for A Sky for Arcadia

Janet Taliaferro has written far more than a cautionary tale about the long-armed reach of addiction. A Sky for Arcadia should hold a place on the required reading list of anyone prepared to take a clear-eyed look at not only the primary, but the tertiary damage any substance abuse visits upon relationships and honesty and self-knowledge.

No matter what your experience in this arena might include, you will learn something that surprises you. You are likely also to identify with some portion of your own personal experience, whether it be first hand or through a more casual affiliation.

Janet’s cast of characters experience a range of life’s complexities and capriciousness as well as their own culpability. She reminds us, with a quiet tone of compassion, how human and imperfect we can be, and how despite everything, it is possible to meet life’s challenges with every hope of a fully acceptable, not tragically narrow, outcome.

—Barbara Chapman, M.A., L.P.C.