Email = Paradox Solved

Email has solved a paradox for me.

As a writer, I’m by nature a solitary soul, except the fact that I also like people and work better with others.  As a poet, I was always productive, but much more so when I was at a workshop or taking courses.

Last summer a group of us who are members of the Wisconsin Fellowship of poets formed an on-line critique group.  There are six of us and the rules are simple.  In rotation we email a poem for comment to the five others and everyone has two weeks to reply.  Busy as we all are, we’ve been remarkable good about sticking to our time line.

For me the result has been enough of a body of work for a second chapbook.  Or, we are also thinking of taking our various poems and doing a book with all six of us.

Critiques have been, professional, helpful and encouraging.