Facing Facebook

Dear readers and followers,

I’ve been doing it all wrong and I apologize.

I don’t consider myself a newcomer to technology regardless of what the calendar says about my age. In the office we had an old TRS (Trash) 80 back in the ‘70s. In the 80s when I really began to write seriously, I bought a Compaq which looked like a small suitcase I could lug around. Instead of the ounces a lap-top weighs, it would have tipped a scale at more than ten pounds, but it preserved all my stuff on big, floppy discs.

But, networking? It’s like this. I love my friends and try to keep up, mostly by e-mail or visits because I like to write and hate the phone. So every time I got a message on Facebook, I dutifully sent of a private e-mail answer. “No, no,” said my web helpers at Chaos to Clarity. “Answer right on Facebook so everyone in the network can see and get to know you.” So, I’ve gone back and posted a lot of answers, some of them from way in the past. From now on, public, I’m yours!