Listen Up Liberals!

It’s time to educate yourselves by consulting a conservative. No, you don’t have to listen to Beck, Hannity, the various Foxes or any of those people. You don’t even have to read David Brooks, but he is an old dear who actually says something original upon occasion.

Grab that lefty rag, the New York Times or go on line and read Ross Douthat. I guarantee you four things. One, you will not agree with him. Two, three and four come as a package. You will get his side of the argument with facts he is not afraid to back up with references or citations, a history of whatever point he is trying to make and context. Facts, history and context are rare qualities these days, so savor them.

My second suggestion is about television. Pay special attention to whatever John Harwood on CNBC says. I have discovered during this debt ceiling crisis that he is the only reporter in Washington who can 1) remember that we pass legislation by casting votes, not talk and 2) he can COUNT!

My advice to libs and teas alike is fasten your seat belt. The votes have never been there—ever. If you think those new Repubs are going to play by the old rules, forget it. Poor Boenher never had the votes for any sort of compromise bill. Now he may lose his seat, perish the thought. On the Dem side, there were never going to be enough votes for a compromise bill either since everyone has had to move further right than anyone on that side of the isle wanted even to get a “look-in” at a possible compromise.

Finally I would like to point out the American electorate is going to get what they deserve. All those DFs around the Country Club lockers and at the corner coffee shop are going to get their way and it is going to be really ugly. Can’t you hear them over the years? “Boy, I know what I’d do, I’d just cut off the funds to those suckers in Washington! I’d cut ‘em right off at the knees.”

Hey, guys. The knees belong to all of us. Ooooooooooooooooooooops!