Some Days I Feel Like Cassandra

young women talkingSo much has happened since I wrote my blog on February 13 in the mist of the Susan Komen controversy I am literally out of breath.  My analogy of the motor boat was apt, but right now it looks like a jet plane is about to take off in the other direction. At least, I hope so.

For years I have been warning women younger than myself that they didn’t understand the depth and passion of the men opposing women’s rights.  I usually ended by admonishing, “You won’t be so sanguine when they start to take your birth control away from you.” The answer was usually a look that said, “Yeah, right.”

Now that the day has arrived I am glad a fair portion of women are beginning to sit up and take notice.

There has been progress on their side of the street in a lot of states in the last few years. Marching is fine. I went to Richmond along with three of my gray haired friends, but that won’t do it.  We have to VOTE THE GUYS OUT! Get ready and get going girls.