Happy New Year

It has been over two years since I posted anything, but I have kept up with all of you on Facebook. The losses and trials of these last years seem behind me and I am ready to answer the question I have often been asked, “When are you going to write another book.”


Actually, I have and it has been sitting on my computer for a very long time. I am now in the process of the final editing and hope to get it up on Amazon sometime in the nest year, early, I hope.


In the meantime, both “A Sky for Arcadia” and “Virgin Hall” are still available on Amazon either in paper or electronic version. Also, my two collections of short stories, “CityScapes” and “Wakonta Calendar” are available to download. The poetry book is $7.00 if you ask me by email to send it.


I am also going to post this also to my website, janettaliaferro.com. Take a look. It is a new version of the old site, but I am happy to have it up and running.

If you are here, welcome to the website.  JTIMG_0179.jpg

Grace, the cat, had a lovely Christmas .